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This book will help you protect children from one of the most prevalent dangers of our time, digital danger. All of us want to keep the kids we care about safe. At night, parents lock doors and secure windows. During the day, educators make schools safer by conducting security surveys and making improvements to school facilities and school procedures. We do a pretty good job preventing physical danger. Yet we are not very good at protecting our kids from a huge danger, digital danger. Kids can and do find themselves in all kinds of digital danger. Cyber predators groom children by pretending to be an online peer. Cyberbullies intimidate children and upset their lives. Kids derail their reputations by sexting. Others damage their digital footprint by unwise social media posts. Dr Conrad and Officer Stanko draw upon their combined 60 years of experience to present common sense, practical ways to protect children from digital danger. This book is for you if you are a parent, aunt, uncle, educator or mentor. The topics include How do I assess digital danger risks in my home? Are my kid’s apps dangerous? What do I do if my kid is being cyberbullied? When does my child’s use of social media become harmful? What is a digital footprint and why should I be concerned about it? How do I monitor my child’s use of digital devices? What do I do if I find that my teen is sexting?